River Reports

March 18th, 2017

With lots of rain and warm weather the Elk is finally thawed and accessible. Snowshoes are recommended for the walk in as the snow is deep up until the river. The Elk is running with a decent flow rate and there is currently about 2 feet of visibility, however with a few clear days it should shrink and become clear.

Even with the dirty water the Elk is still fishing very well on nymphs and streamers. Golden stones, Copper Jons, and Midges are effective nymph patterns this time of year. For streamers Double Bunnies, Muddy Buddies, and Circus Peanuts are effective for Cutthroat and Bull Trout. If the water clears up, Cutties will be looking up for some dries. Midge patterns and even large Golden Stones will bring them up to the surface.

It is definitely a great time to come down and fish before the river closes March 31st. Stop by the shop to pick up your fly fishing essentials before going out!

Sept. 18, 2016

Elk River fall fishing is once again at is best not only this season but the best it has been for over a decade.

Dry fly is exceptional good with loads of October Caddis, BWO'S, Flav's, Black Ants, Beetles, and some hoppers.

Nymph fishing has been very good on October Caddis pupa, Bird of Prey #10, Golden Stones size 8, BWO nymphs in size 14,16.

Streamer fishing is also very good for Cutts and Bulls. Bigger Bull trout have moved up into the feeder creeks to spawn but the Elk has loads of the Juvinile fish in the 24" range that just don't stop fighting and eating flies.

Flies to use are Muddy Buddies in white, Black, Olive. Articulating flies in White and Olive have been good. Trick or Treat wooly buggers size 4,6.

The Elk is very low and clear so wading is easy from almost anywhere.

The lower Elk is fishing very good with loads of West Slope Cutthroats dropping back into the Elk for the winter as the flow rates have dropped.