River Reports

Jul 12, 2017

The Elk is currently dropping and clearing daily with fish looking up to eat dries. We're at the tail end of stoneflies and moving into our mayfly season. Green Drakes are starting to hatch as well as big PMDs have been hatching in large quantities. Stonefly dries and big foam have been effective on top for cutthroat.The Elk has also been fishing exceptionally well on streamers. Cutties and bulls have been active on the streamers. Nymphs as usual will pick up a ton of fish but we prefer to fish dries.

Recommended Dries for the Elk: Paratrooper Green Drake, Ext Body Green Drake, Parachute Light Cahill, Chubby Chernobyl Tan/Pink, Willy's Ant Red, Parachute Purple Haze.

Streamers: Olive Sculpin, Muddy Buddy White, Muddy Buddy Black, Circus Peanut Black, Circus Peanut White, Double Bunny Olive/White.

Nymphs: Red Copper Jon, BTB Epoxy Green Drake, Kyle's Stone, Copper Jon Brown.

The Bull is at a normal flow for this time of year. It is fishing well and the fish are willing to eat on top. Big stonefly patterns as well as large mayfly patterns tend to be effective. The cutties on average are smaller, however there is lots of them.

Recommended Dries for the Bull: Double Humpy Yellow, Ext Body Green Drake, Crystal Stimi Yellow, Crystal Stimi Orange, H&L Variant.

If you have any questions or need help don't hesitate to drop by or phone! Happy fishing!

June 24th, 2016

The Elk is still running high and has colour but it is fish-able. In slower water such as back eddies, fish will look up to larger dries such as stoneflies. The mouths of creeks are good bets currently as they provides clean water. Stonefly nymphs in black or tan will be effective choices. Streamers are a good option if you want to chase bulls as well. Double bunnies in Olive and White and Black Muddy buddies are good patterns for the elk currently.

Tributaries to the Elk are running clear and fish are looking up. They can both be easily waded as well. Michel and Lizard have been producing fish on stonefly dries as well as green drake dries. If you want to nymph, green drake and stoneflies are again the most effective choices.

If you feel like going lake fishing, go to Summit lake as the travelling sedges are out.
Fished last hour of light and smallest fish was 5lbs with biggest 10lbs. All on dry fly the Mikeluk Sedge and Goddard caddis, making them them best dries to use.