River Reports

Lake Report

Summit Lake: Fishing very well on small Black and Olive Leech patterns. Chironomids are just starting to go as well. Size 14 green liquid lace Chironomids seem to be doing the trick.
Conditions: The lake has turned over a few weeks ago and is slightly murky mainly from the wind but the visibility is good enough for trout to 7lbs to take flies and I mean take them away from you if your not paying close enough attention.

Loon Lake: Fishing really well on Chironomids in red #14 liquid lace versions as well as Ice cream cones in size 14 olive.
Conditions: The lake is extremely clear so sight fishing is at its best right now. The chironomids are starting to slow a bit but the Dragons and Leeaches seem to be around and the trout are on the feed. Fishing in depths of about 12-20 feet deep.

Englishman Lake: Fishing very good. Lots of new cathcables have been stocked so plenty of action there. A few large trout are being taken as well. Fishing well on small green leech patterns as well as green chironomids in size 14-16.
Conditions: Lake is very clear with turn over complete.

Chain Lake: No reports at this time as it has just turned over and is quit murky. Lots of large Brookies being caught there this winter.

Tie Lake: Excellent right now for large Bass. Fishing very good on any Minnow patterns, White Zonkers, and Perch imitations.

River Report

Elk River report:
The river is now starting to open up with good Cutthroat and Bull Trout being caught.

River Conditions:
Still iced over a lot for this time of year but there are plenty of places to fish from the bank or even drift a pontoon boat in certain sections.
Unless you know the river very well it is dangerous to go walking out on the ice.

Hatches and Flies:
Winter Stonefly. Best to fish Stonefly nymph patterns, also BOP bead head Caddis, Copper Johns and Prince Nymphs at this time of year.
If it's warmer and sunny try dry attractors and stimulators later in the day.
White, olive/white and even orange streamers may produce large Cutthroat and Bull Trout.

Weather Forecast:
Above zero for the next few days which might quickly improve conditions.