River Reports

August 13, 2016

The Elk has been hot the last few days! With good flows and hot weather the Cutthroat have really keyed into eating Ants and Terrestrials. Large Ant hatches are happening throughout the day making it great fishing for the entire day. On cooler cloudy days and some evenings we are seeing small mayfly hatches where fishing small Wulffs and Parachutes is effective.

Suggested Dries for the Elk: B-52 Flying Ant, Black Fat Albert, Black Para Ant, Cinnamon Para Ant, Para Hares Ear, Para Purple Haze, GT Adams.

Michel has been very consistent with Drake Hatches. Mornings and evenings are typically the best time for Drakes and is fishing well on Ants and Beetles throughout the day. The water is getting low but is still fishable with large fish that are eager to eat.

Suggested Dries for the Michel: GT Green Drake, Para Olive Haze, Para Purple Haze, Black Fat Albert, B-52 Flying Ant, Fire Beetle.

The Wigwam has been fishing great for Cutthroat. The Wigwam is getting Drake hatches along with Mahogany Duns and Ants. The Cutthroat will typically eat all day on dry flies making there no need to nymph. The Bull Trout are throughout the system but are dormant the majority of the day. Nymphs will most likely be your best bet throughout the day. Streamers may work in the early morning and late evenings but Nymphs will be the most effective.

Suggested Dries For the Wigwam: GT Mahogany, GT Green Drake, Para Cinnamon Ant, Para Black Ant, Black Fat Albert.

Aug 7, 2016

The Elk has been fishing great. Good flows, clear water, and heat have created some great dry fly fishing on the river. Terrestrials such as hoppers, ants, and beetles have been very effective throughout the day along with small mayflies (size 16). During the day ants are usually a go to because we have been having some amazing hatches! In the evenings we are still seeing a few drakes, sallies and PMDs.

Recommended Dries for the Elk: Black Fat Albert, Tan Fat Albert (Red Thread), Fire Beetles, Parachute Adams, Parachute Ant, B-52 Flying Ant, Parachute Purple Haze, GT PMD, Parachute Sally.

The Michel is the hottest it has been so far this summer. Consistent Drake hatches have been bringing large cutthroat to the surface and when all else fails beetles have been a key to success. Ants and hoppers are also effective but Drakes and Beetles are go to patterns right now in Michel.

Suggest Dries for Michel: Black Fat Albert, Fire Beetle, Ext Body Green Drake, GT Green Drake, B-52 Flying Ant, Tan Fat Albert (Red Thread).

The Wigwam is fishing great for cutthroat but has been extremely slow for Bull Trout. The Bull Trout are in complete spawning mode and are not eating much. The best thing for bulls would most likely be small Nymphs in the early morning or before dark. The Cutthroat fishing has been hot on Drakes, Mahogany Duns, and Ants.

Suggested Dries for the Wigwam: Cinnamon para Ant, GT Green Drake, GT Mahogany, B-52 Flying Ant, Black Fat Albert.

Good luck out there!