Kayak Fly Fishing

An adventure to remember! Kayak and camp for a week and stock fish off your very fast Hobie pedal drive kayak.

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But wait there’s more!

We are constantly researching new unfished territory for the exclusivity of our clients. Carole Beaupre, a long standing pro staff member, is on a research mission at the moment, so watch this space for further development.

Following is an email from Carole:

That was my day... hooked a six foot, 120 lbs tarpon about an hour after starting fishing.... I never done that before... I just knew there was something at the end of my line, a very gentle take and I did not even set the hook, then I felt a very strong pull and all of a sudden 10 feet in front of my kayak this big fish jumped about 5 feet out of the water... I had him for at least 5 minutes and got 3 very large jump, he was starting to pull my kayak... wow! the adrenaline was pumping... what a big fish, it was surreal, i was screaming the whole time.. My rod was definatively too small for him he fianlly broke me off...

But wow! I cant believe I hooked a tarpon... Gord this is the next best kept secret...